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The Jumper Alexi Kosarev, 27 years resident in Moscow is dead the day 05. April 2003, launching himself/herself/itself from the Brento Mountain. After some days of wind that you/they have seen the Russian jumperses launch however him and to suffer two accidents in landing. Yesterday toward the 18.30 in a moment of calm of wind (for the whole day in the other zones winds north ibaricis exhaled) Alexi he launched from the Beak in the Aquila. A throwing of 5/6 seconds.

It was not enough calm, it effected the throwing from the usual pilastrino, to dx of the Beak of the eagle, where the students prefer to jump. He was enough tense launched but its position immediately appeared disassata and with the shoulder dx "low". Anzich'č to relax himself/herself/themselves and to think about settling himself/herself/themselves, resolved the problem that after all he was accenting, going later to the opening around 5/6 seconds! The taking of the pilots for the opening, it provoked a further rotation.

You heard a strong schok of opening of the parachute which effected a further rotation also provoked by the position of the shoulders and consequent asymmetrical traction of the suspenderses.

Alexi could not have the time to do nothing. We suppose that the seconds of free fall were 6", it would still be found above the great roofs, that is too much next to the wall.

We recommend to hold a minimum of 8 seconds of free fall, For those endowed with emergency, (type Sorcerer) and for the monovelas, it would be important to assume a position of "it derives" effective reaching 12/13 seconds, how much enough to go beyond the base of the wall. You remember to slightly launch you toward left because to dx there is a pillar that is underlined dangerously when you reach the quota of opening. We have to remember that the wall of the Brento, is very dangerous in case of malfunction, sopratutto for those that open the parachute on the vertical one of the clog and not over the vertical one of the "base wall". we Recommend to jump with the proper materials, and without wind.

Personally (if you/he/she can serve to say him/it) I always jumped from the small terrace to sx of the Beak in the Aquila, even if I detach him/it it is more impressive, but it gives the possibility to throw himself/herself/themselves with more strength toward the outside of the wall, coadiuvando in an important sinergia, the drift favoring notably, the leaving from the wall. 2° Planned the direction of throwing 45° to sx in comparison to the sight of the valley so that to be able to outdistance me the more possible from the pillar, against which you/they have impattato in many.

All the Italian jumperses, hand in the name of more the you hear condolences to the family of Alexi, participating in their great pain.

Bepi Hoffer