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B.A.S.E. JUMP Versione Italiana
Dolomiteses the nuvo kingdom of the B.A.S.E. Jump

The conquerors of the Void
of Sergio Damiani

of Bepi Hoffer

The mountain climber «police squad»

I look at the Great Top of Lavaredo with the certainty that this is the correct moment to realize the jump from the peak.

To climb toward the peak, stings ideal to detach the flight in the "empty." Reached the "circular Crown" I thought that crossing her/it to dx he came the exit of the street Dibona. (stung from which, then, he reaches the exit of the "direct Lotar Blandler") From a brief recognition effected by the most willing, it established him the impossibility to be able to jump from that point. We would have had to climb in top and then to go down toward dx. (to the sign of then...) Earning so 150 meters quota, useful to be able to outdistance him from the wall during the free fall, essential to have the time to react in the case the parachute during the opening, it had a turn of spin.

Dolomiteses the new kingdom of the Basic JUMP

It is not sad to look at the others that your dream realizes, because you are you that you have decided this, respecting so, an ethics that is inside of you and that it finds reference in his/her own limits, giving a precise sense and value to the things that you do. For now last frontier of this discipline they are the great walls dolomitiche.

The point of exit where the are launched base-jumper.
We are on the wall north of the Great Top of Lavaredo

Our four drawn back friends together after having effected the throwing

This is the history of a group of flying men that you/they pursue a dream on the Great one of Lavaredo, a top on which important chapters have been written in the epic of the mountaineering To the shelter Auronzo, the briefing of the juperses.dolomitico. It is not a case, because the precipices that lean out on the wall north start only you restlessness looking at them.

It sets out us to now cross the circular crown from sx.
The ledge brings to the zone of the you camp out, for then to turn on the slope north, where tightening himself/herself/itself up to become thin gravelly trace, it arrives to the " street Comic."
The sum of the complications grows, making me sad and insecure is that that enough to decide to return home crossing the surest and long street of the return.