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The flight of the Hawk
of Bepi Hoffer

To fly together,
a dream that for them you/he/she has become reality.

Mandy and Leo

LEO DICKINSON - Great Britain
One are considered some greatest authors of film of sporting adventure, with a personal production of over 50 works and
LEO DICKINSON - On the Beak of the acquila to the Brento mountain. collaborations to numerous works of other directors. With his/her works you/he/she has won prizes in the principal Festivals of mountain and adventure. He/she anchors student, Leo has begun to climb in the Lake District in northern Wales. In 1970 you/he/she has persuaded the Yorkshire TV to finance his/her first film of mountaineering, the slope of the wall North of the Eiger in Switzerland. To it you/they have followed many other films on the Cervino, in Patagonia, on the Everest (where you/he/she has taken back the ascension without oxygen of Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler). You/he/she has documented with the film “Dudh Kosi-The Relentless River of Everest” the impetuous one to flow some tallest river of the world winning the Gran Prize to Trento in 1978.
Close to the mountaineering, to the speleology, to the kayak, to the windsurf, to the aerostatic ball you/they have attracted him/it the emotions of the paracadutismo. An expert of the art of the has become “freefall”, or free fall, that has illustrated in different films. It is also photographer of exception and his/her works they have appeared on magazines as Life, National Geographic, Paris Match, Stern and GEO.
In November 1986 you/he/she has won the Nikon prize for the good photographer of the month with one of his/her images of paracadutismo.
You/he/she has written three books on his/her adventures: “Filming the impossible”, “Anything is possible” and “Ballooning over Everest.”
Dickinson has not abandoned the sports of action, but his/her more recent passion they are the naturalistic tapes, where you/he/she can exploit his/her abilities of climber and parachutist: last year, filming the rapacious near to D'Arco, you/he/she has effected 16 throwing from the Brento mountain.

LEO DICKINSON, A Love story With The EVERESTL'omaggio of the British director Leo Dickinson realized for the Filmfestival of the Mountain of Trento will be projected in first world in the evening of the Everest Day - Thursday 1maggio - conducted by Reinhold Messner
The British director Leo Dickinson has done you are historical films riguardanti the Everest and from these works of his you/he/she has drawn the images with which you/he/she has realized this homage to the Everest (original title: To love affair with Everest), on purpose climbed on for the Filmfestival of the Mountain of Trento that will propose him/it in world preview during the special evening devoted to the Everest of May 1° conducted by Reinhold Messner. Its love story with the tallest mountain of the world begins in 1975, when a young physician named Mike Jones asks him if he would like to come down in canoe from the river Dudh Kosi, that is born from the glacier Khumbu, on the Everest.
"Dudh Kosi-The unstoppable river of the Everest" you/he/she has won dozens of international prizes-any other films of adventure in absolute-and you/he/she is still seen in the world of the canoe as the film more inspired that has ever been turned on that sport. The following film concerned the winter scaling of the "Wall North of the Cervino", and Leo enrolled him/it in the Filmfestival of Trento. His/her translator was Uschi Messner, wife of Reinhold Messner that you/he/she was becoming the most famous mountain climber to the world. Uschi told Leo: "You have to make a film on my Reinhold: it will climb the Everest without oxygen." "Everest without mask" it became the most meaningful film ever realized speaking of the Everest. Peter Habeler and Reinhold Messner succeeded in arriving in peak without the oxygen. The film of Leo on the enterprise-as Dudh Kosi-you/he/she was projected in almost every country of the globe. "In ball above the Everest." In the 85 Leo it tried of sorvolare the peak with an Australian team, but the permission of the Chinese authorities never arrived. Leo patiently attended that the correct political climate matured, then it organized his/her own consignment. In 1991 its two balls set sail from Gokyo, Nepal and they flew really above the summit of the Everest. It was an action of trust in his/her own equipment and a giant footstep in an unknown adventure. Their precipice landing in the tall desert of Tibet is one of the most memorable pieces of usual television. The film of Leo "Á. feet on the street of the Everest" it showed as it was possible to a disabled mountain climber to reach the top, even if Tom Whittaker stopped him 700 more meters in low.

The meeting of the Brento, has coincided always with the "Film Festival of Trento" cinema event devoted to the mountain and the exploration. This year facente departs some jury there was the "our" Base Jumper Leo Dickinson, which taking advantage of some free moment, it completed the resumptions on the Brento riguardanti the flight of the Hawk.

As we know, some resumptions have been effected, of a jumper that jumps from the wall of the Brento, in the same moment the hawk is launched also. In little seconds, the hawk reaches the jumper that is falling in free fall, holding in hand a colored bit of yellow, you/he/she grabs him/it, while the camcorder installed on the helmet of the parachutist films the scene.

Feverish attended, at times unbearable, but flood of important meditations

His/her sweet companion of life and protagonist together with Leo of sporting adventures. Instructor of Ballon - Hot-air balloons, manage a school of flight.
Conditions are not proper, a cloud removes her/it visibility. We take advantage for to know better us and to talk to an Australian and two Dutch joints on the place for the occasion. I Mark Red obviously it belongs to the group.

The time changes
it is the moment to jump.

And of hit the void. It will become more and more dense with to increase some speed.