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Map of the itinerary.

Bepi Hoffer and Mark Carlini, two friends that after the usual and important preparations they depart for the crossing. Loaded backpacks in perfect way, with all the necessary and without nothing superfluous. (with ski and scarponi27Kg.a testa)Ci him incam_
mine for a path at first a steep po then for fords of the Rio Blanco where in the near we plant the curtain. And' almost midnight when it begins to do dark that reconciles a deserved riposo.Dopo the ford on the Rio of the Vueltas, it penetrates us for dense woods of lengas, the southern beech tree that the soft path shades up to reach where the Piedra de Fralie the omunimo shelter it is. A small construction in wood, proper for ospi_
tare his/her owner and able a table with two benches where two fresh maltreated eggs can be had, aridosso of a big stone is situated that mends him/it from the strong vento.s.Gli birdies they enter curtain with curiosity without fearing our presenza.Il set it is very calm and from these parts it is difficult incontrarre someone. we Continue arrancando on impervious moraines to peak on the Lagoon Electrico crossing the icy and impetuous Rio Tiller that goes down from the Fitz Roy Norte. Reaches the beginning of the glacier that goes down from the footstep Marconi, we install the curtain anchoring her/it with two nails to the ice. On the left from the walls to peak that gives awry on the glacier a fall that riempie a basin natu_ urale of our curtain. During the night two sudden gusts of wind make to crack the tendaannunciando a sudden change of the tempo.Inizia to pio_
true with a strong wind for every five day that we are closed in curtain. We sometimes go out to checked tener the situation, among the din of the stream that passes under the ghiac_ this, the rain and the fall that you/he/she is literally lifted for some instants and dried up by the wind, creating a worrisome noise that at night makes us sleep completely suits and co an eye solo.Al fifth day of permanence in curtain the altimeter keeps on marking 600mt. in more than the real quota, confirming the strong depression stabilized him on the zone. We try to climb along the glacier the wind it is so strong from it stuffed to sideways walk only from a block of ice to the other.
We see the ramp that conducts to the footstep Marconi crossed by wind and snow coming from the Hielo.Temo that the Rio Tiller inflating himself/herself/itself cuts us the retreat. There is people that remain also for of the months waiting for the beautiful time. It is not the case nostro.Decidiamo to return home. You counted on a hit of c.... (for what the tempo)è concerns gone così.Per mè, the ìdea been enthusiastically born by the continuous search of new emotions the preparations and the working problems that I believed they didn't grant space to these cose,finos to that the space decided to find costs him/it that that costs, ago him that as a whole the budget couples me positivo.Mi I wish both so also for Mark.

The Hielo Contnental or the Hielo Patagonico, is better situated to the southern extremity of the South America.Per extension, excluded the two polar caps, it is second only to the Groellandia: recent literature signals 4400kmq for the H. Patagonico North and 13500 Kmqs for that Sur.Si keeps in mind that all the alpine glaciers in their whole have an extension of 3500Kmq and the Aletsch glascer that is the vast, it is of around 100Kmq.
The Hielo Patagonico Sur is long around 330Km, and it is wide up to 80 Kms. The central cap is separated in the numerous vast highlands and maintains him to a middle height of 1500 meters. The windiest period has been since November to April with directions predominant winds from west, these originate from the ocean Pacific, rich of damp and to contact with the cordillera gives place to cospique precipitations.

Street Buenos Aires he arrives to Rio Gallegos, big business center of the Patagonia of the sud.Da here Calafate is reached or with small and crowded airplanes or with pulman. We have taken a mean privacy that without staying himself/herself/themselves to Calafate, in 14h of trip through the Pampa it moves us to the village El Chalten to the Park Nationale of the Fitz Roy. To little price you/they can be rented some horses. On the journey four are found you camp out under conditions precarious but precious.
Water is as much always of it; as all they know is always foresees the beautiful wind patagonico!

From El Chalten passing for the base camp of the Fitz Roy to the Rio Blanco, he reaches in the valley of the Rio Electrico the shelter of the Fraile.Coste -
ggiando on the left the Lake Electrico he climbs for impervious moraines to the glacier and therefore to the footstep Marconi. From here, after 35Km. in south direction Nunatak Viedma is found with the homonym shelter.
To cross the Glacier Viedma, to the beginning of the Uspala. In a handle under the cerro Bell is found the rif Fuerza Aerea.Mantenendo the left orografica to the height of the Cerro Murallòn, the exit it is found for the rif.Pascale and for the estancia Cristina.

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