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MEETING Á the BRENTO May 03-04 th 2003

Group of the Brenta
That ledge love and hate - that instant of reason and madness - endless concentration, that you/they command -
the ring of the extreme courage of the life.

From the Mountain of Costalta it approves panning of the Dolomiteses of Brenta, to dx of the central zone, the red wall of Top is seen Brenta 3150mt. In the foreground the Top Paganella that leans out on the underlying Valley of the Adige.

Great and rocky thick complex is also the most imposing after that of the it Shears and of the Crozon. Second top in height of the GROUP of Brenta, has the east side formed by an only yellowish wall that dominates the heading of the Vals Perse. The west slope, is composed from a tall frozen basin, (vedretta of Brenta superiore)compresa from these two crests, while from the snowy calottone sommitales go down toward north other two vedrettes, that of Tuckett and the other one he/she is hanging broken by a jump of rock above the Vedretta of Brenta Inferiore.

The east wall, is of 450mt. of which 200 are composed from the clog, the others 250 are formed from a great and strapiombante red wall.
Access: reached the rif: Tuckett 2272m. he continues following a path beforehand level, then steep up to reach the Mouth of Tuckett 2648m. You climbs to dx, for rocky terraces up to the crest north, long which he climbs following the street Pedrotti, facente it departs of the street of the Tall Mouthpieces. It moves us to sx on the east slope along a cengia,(cengia Garbari) from there lowering himself/herself/itself in double rope, he comes on the wall.