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This site web is born from my demand to continue my walk within the sport - adventure
in creative way, remembering some activities from me developed describing her with meaningful images,
continuing new experiences and emotions, with the demand to communicate to inform her to know,

and to make to be known.

And' also an interesting personal experience that publisher of myself sees me, every day setting
new technical web.
Gratified and encouraged by the numerous friends visitors, coming from the whole world, I will continue to, I hope
to make me profit.

The site is also a review of images of the Trentino, Italian Province in which I fortunately live and
where these sporting passions of mine were born; an occasion to make to know these places, distant from wars
and great sufferings and inhabited area from men as me, near to all the people, above all to those that are not able
to rejoyce some beautiful things that you/he/she can give the life.
Bepi Hoffer