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B.A.S.E. Jump

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                                     Trentino's  parachutists


      Autosettlement BaseJump's activity on Brento Mount.


Rules that alla Base jumpers, which intends to pratice this sporting discipline on Brento mount, must follow.


1) Be in possession of a parachutist's licence with at least  300jumps;  100 of them done in the last  monthes;

2) Have at least 15 Base jumps, otherwise, the pupil can practice jumps from Brento mount, under the control of an avowed instructor. Instead, to accede to every other site in Trentino, at least 50 jumps will be required;

3) Obligation to use specific BaseJumper materials and equippments (see appendix). Forbidden to use parachutists sporting's equippments, both original than modified.

4) Forbidden to do jumping activities when there are adverse weather conditions or, in any case when wind is blowing more than 2m/sec. (see appendix);

5) Always do a check in-out procedure, with  land accompainers or by a carabineer local station (phone: 0464/504312);

6)For eventual soccour calls, phone to : n. 118

7) Follw exclusively free-fall's times and modalities expected for the site, also in relation to the used equippment. From 7 to 8 seconds for vertical free-fall (box position)or, from 7 to 11 seconds for who is able to do a effectual drift.

8) Jumpers, who are in possess of monosail equippment (ho tradotto alla parola mono vela, perche' non so se c'e' un termine specifico), must do an effectual drift untill they have passed away the baseboard, which is situated at the base of the wall "Vertigine";

9) On the exit, move with extreme caution, avoid stone falling and have care and respect of the ambient, not leaving around rubbish;

10) Do not jump during the night.