Airmail Version 3.2 for SailMail

Updated 19 Aug 2005

(Airmail Ver 3.2.035)

This is the download page for the Airmail 3 client program for SailMail. Airmail 3 is an extensive revision of the Airmail radio-email program, and this page is devoted to the SailMail client applications. Airmail 3 is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP. Supported modems include the SCS PTC-II/IIe/IIex/IIpro Pactor-2/3 modems, plus most Pactor-1 modems. Development is continuing, please report any problems and stop back often for updates. (The latest version supports the new SCS PTC-IIusb, has changes to Pos-report and Data-input windows, makes provision for the "tiny" PTC-II firmware, see the included "release notes" in the Airmail inbox for details).

Installation instructions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

There are three choices, depending on whether this is an update or a new install, and whether you can download direct or onto a CD or need to copy onto floppy disks. Find the appropriate section and click the underlined links to download and save the files.

New Sailmail members: You will want to download three programs: The Airmail "complete install" below (or three-floppy version below that), and the Propagation program below that, and Airmail's "Getfax" weather-fax companion under "Weather fax".

If you need a complete install and can download directly to your own computer and don’t need to write a floppy, then do this:

Download Airmail 3.2 SailMail client complete install (ver 3.2.035, about 4.1 MB and way too big for a floppy) into a “downloads” folder. Make a note of the filename and the folder that it was stored into. When finished, open that folder and double-click the downloaded file, this will start the Airmail install program. This file includes everything you need (except propagation and weatherfax, see below), and includes PTC-IIusb drivers, the most-recent PTC-II firmware updates for Pactor-3 mode and the “ViewfaxGrib/fax viewer.

OR, If you need download files that will fit onto diskettes, then do this:

Note: each of these files will fit onto a floppy. The file can either be downloaded directly to a floppy disk, or saved to a “temporary” folder on the local hard-drive and then copied to a floppy when complete. To install the file, open the floppy on your own computer and double-click the downloaded file to start the install program.

Disk 1: For a new installation of Airmail 3.2, begin by downloading Airmail disk-1  (about 1MB). This file only needs to be installed the first time Airmail 3.2 is installed on a new computer, or into a new folder. If you have NOT previously installed version 3.1 or 3.2 then you need this file. This file includes system files needed by Airmail and the install program for the second disk. (This does NOT install the grib-viewer, see "Weather fax" below).

Disk 2: Then download and install the current release of Airmail 3.2 SailMail Client update (ver 3.2.035, about 1.4 MB and fits on an empty floppy). If you are updating a previous ver 3.1 or 3.2 download then this is the only file you need. The file name indicates the “build number”, also shown in the startup screen and the Help/About box.

Disk 3: PTC Firmware: If you have a PTC-II modem and plan to upgrade to Pactor-3 mode, then download the current SCS firmware (ver 3.6, about 900K). Download and install as described above. This file includes SCS ver 3.5 firmware for all PTC-II models, and will be installed into the Airmail folder for easy access by Airmail’s Firmware-update window.

(If you have a PTC-IIusb modem then you will also need USB-drivers, they are on the modem's CD-rom or can be downloaded below)

OR, if you only need an update to a previous Airmail ver 3.1 or 3.2 install,

then go back to "Disk 2" above. You may also want to download the latest SCS firmware ("Disk 3") if you don't already have it (and are using a SCS PTC-II-family modem).

OR, if you already have the ham version of Airmail and only need to add Sailmail:

If you already have the latest ham version of Airmail 3.2 then download this SailMail setup file to add SailMail to your existing ham version (see "Ver 3.1" below if you are still using Airmail 3.1). There is no need to download Airmail again and you can skip the rest of this.

Other Downloads:

Propagation: Airmail also includes a propagation window. This uses the “ICEPAC” propagation program as a prediction engine. In order to use Airmail’s propagation window, ICEPAC must be downloaded and installed into its default directory. ICEPAC can be downloaded from the NTIA/ITS website or from here (this is the version I have tested with, it may be older but works fine).

This download is around 5MB. If you need to download this to floppies then go to the NTIA/ITS website and find the link that says “To create your own install diskettes(4), click here”.

Weather fax and Grib info: An update to Airmail’s weather-fax companion is available, including a viewer which decodes and displays Ggrib weather-data files as well as most image types for viewing wefax images. It is available from Airmail’s “weather fax” page (click here) .

Spelling Dictionaries: Additional language dictionaries for the spell-checker are available here. These are “zip” files, after downloading then open them (by double-clicking) and drag the “.adm” file into Airmail’s Dictionaries folder. Restart Airmail, then use Airmail’s Tools/Options/Spelling window to enable the new dictionary. (If you can’t open a “zip” file then go to and download the demo version of Winzip, free and fully functional).

USB Drivers: These drivers are Digitally Signed (i.e. blessed by Microsoft) and will not generate warning messages for Win-XP. There are two choices: To pre-install drivers before connecting the PTC-IIusb modem (Win-2000 and XP), then select this Driver-installer for the SCS PTC-IIusb modem. Click the link and select "Run", or save the file and run it later, before connecting the PTC-IIusb modem. Then when the modem is connected it will be installed automatically.

Alternately, you can download this USB drivers for the SCS PTC-IIusb modem (zip file) (Win-98se onwards). Click the link and save the file in a "downloads" folder, then open it and extract the contents to a "PTC-IIusb drivers" folder on your computer. Then connect the PTC-IIusb, when the "new hardware" wizard appears select "Specify a location" and point it to the folder where you stored the drivers.

Airmail Beta versions:  none at this time.

Contact information:

Questions/comments regarding the SailMail version of Airmail should be sent to