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Bepi Hoffe


Torri del Vajolet   DOLOMITI - Gruppo del Catinaccio                             di Bepi Hoffer

The slope









Group of the Catinaccio-slope north -

The itinerary

Trentino-Val of Fassa - Shelter Gardeccia - rif. From sx the great and thick Catinaccio Di Antermoia, to the center they poll the three Towers of the Vaiolet and to dx the Catinaccio 2981m.  Vaiolet - rif Charles Alberto.

The Jumperses
Bepi, Mark and Slovenian be of it
This time my role and that of Mark it is exclusively alpine. We accompany the friend and more expert be to effetuare of it the first throwing of Basic Jump from the Towers of the Vaiolet.
The Towers of the Vaiolet

The Towers of the Vaiolet
they are three: the Tower Winkler 2800m. the Tower Stabler 2805m. and the Tower Delago 2790m.

The scaling
Tower Delago
2790m. for his/her elegant edge Southwest, difficulty: ADsup. / IV (Piaz-Iori-Glaser, 1911)
From the rif. Charles alberto for evident traces, wanders the oriental part of the small Tower Piaz. Shortly for an ideal rocky cengetta draws near the spigolo(sosta, clesidra and nails resinati)qui it is the attack. It climbs more or less the paretina to dx of the edge with difficulty from the III° IV° dry degree if he usually aims toward the preferred key passage, suddenly of white and solid rock (standstill near a good really proper terazzino along the thread of the edge). The right-hand impending blade is climbed at first, with strong exposure, on the sx, therefore correct astride actually to easier roccette and to the new point of standstill, as soon as under which sticks out there is the exit.

The throwing
you/he/she has been effected from of it which has held five seconds of free fall landing in the underlying lawns of the Val of Tirres be. I detach him/it it is strapiombante but deceptive, it would seem to give right on the underlying ghiaionis, more in low the wall strongly leans so much to only make around 250m. to the impact. Wanting himself/herself/itself can easily continue for other 60 ms. up to the peak but no it is said is mostly profitable in comparison to the useful quota.