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The GROUP of Brenta is found in the western Trentino. Humbly I also describe with images, in the limit of my possible and in little space, this stupendous environment Dolomitico for as I have lived him me and with that few of The veliero of the skies through the Dolomiteses of Brenta personal material that I prepare. I publish the photos of some difficulty of mine ascension, to those of easier streets, of game paths and streets equipped that they cross the whole group.
Crossing of the oriental sector Clik and you go to the enlargement of the GROUP of Brenta west slope.
The peaks of the central part of the group are constituted by Dolomia Principale. The big bancates of dolomia are been notched by the erosive agents sopratutto in correspondence of fractures and faults: this way they are originated the cracks, the fireplaces and the single game forms of the numerous bell tower that characterize the group. Superficial alteration makes the black dolomia where it flows the water, yellow in the zones strapiombanti and according to the exposure it varies the tonality of the grey ones.
From the shelter Alimonta to the Mouth of Brenta for the Street of the Mouthpieces ... from the Mouth of the Weapons he continues....Tall street of the Mouthpieces

A footstep and he reach the Mouth of the WeaponsThe run is equipped in certain lines a lot of statement. Overcome the Vedretta of the Sfulminis From the shelter it is reached on the sx the Vedretta of the Sfulminis, that he goes up again to dx up to the Mouth of the Armi2749ms. It gets up us on scalette that brings to a ledge that crosses the whole east slope of the Tower of Brenta. You continues in one exposed ledge dug in the rock, that crosses the whole oriental side of the Sfulminis going down then, Steto channel near the Mouth of the Sfulminis for a long line through the underlying channel the Mouthpiece of the Bell tower Street of the Mouthpieces  Stop, crossing following the Mouthpiece of the Campanil Basso. You crosses the wall North of the Brenta Alta turning toward West on artificial cenge very exposed up to go down (scalette) to the nevaio, that he climbs for few meters up to the Mouth of Brenta 2552 ms (times 2.30-3)

Teeth Of Ambiez
To south of the Top of Ambiez a disconnected gruppetto of five game pinacoli, tall around 200m. what they overhang the rif. Agostinis are an excellent and amusing climbed palestra,di. The photos beside sulll'elegantes withdraw me, exposed, diedro Armani, together with my companion of rope Lucy. Other images document not the effortless reentry for the normal street. It is often preferable to go down to double rope from the south verante.
Top Of ambiez 3102 ms.

The rock of the thick one of the Top of Ambiez is constituted by the principal Dolomia, regularly stratified, articulated and rich of grips, that it forms the backbone of the group of Brenta.

Street Fox and Stenico La by you/he/she is underlined by some superficial cracks among two black lines that they mark the left part of the wall, where it slightly introduces a convex form. Classical climb of exceptional elegance among the more notes and you frequent some group of Brenta. Frank Gadotti is my leader. Gradient 350m. Difficulty V°+

Top Shears 3173m.

Street of the Harmony
The street follows evident cracks I climb on one of the first draughts.what in the central zone they plough the wall. The rock is grey black in the first part, with rock excellent, elegant and beautiful free climb.

In the second part the rock is yellow and strapiombante Frank Gadotti,inizia the key passage of the street Harmony some less beautiful. Gradient 350m. Difficoltà:V°+, A2.

From the Mouth of Ambiez climbed verse Shears her/it for the easy street Mingotti, to the shoulders the Vedretta of the Chamoises
In peak to the Top it Shears 3173m. to sx the exit from the Gully Black
And' the normal street from the Val of Ambiez and he/she offers a beautiful climb on solid rock. Choosing the easiest passages they are met difficulty of The degree. From the peak the panorama to 360° is enchanting. The alpine excursion is a lot of appagante.

On I break down him/it the Brenta Alta and beside the Low Bell tower Enormous thick rocky from the various aspect in fact his From dx the Mouth of Ambiez, west south Pillars of the it Shears, Crozon of Brenta, after all the Brenta Alta and beside the Low Bell tower. grandiose walls the game his/her roccionis and his/her frozen gullies; characteristic the snowy cupolotto with which this huge block of stone culminates.

Campanil Basso The street normal salt from the east south slope, note also as "street of the fireplace." You develops on path, fields of snow and rocky steps, and it behaves only a brief line of climb. Difficulty: II for 25 ms, the elementary rest.

The Top Shears with the Crozon of Brenta, separated by the Gully of the it Shears. On I break down him/it the Val Brenta.

from sx the Mouth of Ambiez, her you Mingotti, the Crest sommitale of Top Shears, crest of the Crozon, to dx the Canalon Neri

Gully north (gully of the Shears).
The street overcomes the grandiose gully ghiacciato.L'ascensione you/he/she can be considered as the most beautiful some kind in the Dolomiteses. Effortless to the beginning of season, in the summer innoltrata you/he/she can introduce series difficulty. Middle inclination 45° up to max of 55° Height 900m, development 1200 ms. Difficulty To.

the wall Poles come down in double rope