...il vento, le onde e le montagne, sono sempre dalla parte dei navigatori e scalatori pił abili.



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in alta Montagna


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Bepi Hoffe


"Sul spigol del Zimon"

of Bepi Hoffer

L'arrampicata, lo sport pił lento del mondo

The time and the slowness, the long itinerary, the strong young fellow and determined they will have to also make the accounts with the dark. Claudio even though young together with his/her fratello,(adesso alpine guides) they react well, they have to also disentangle himself/herself/themselves for the itinerary. Sandro, on a beam ago one "slip" of little account, it needs to reach "el Bus of the Gat." The moral one is not of the best, they are in so many, "the union ago the strength", but the time races. To you treat the climb it does him more delicate. Someone surely thinks about the family ones in anxiety. However all together with midnight they reach the key passage. They reach the I camp out, Yellow Flames, then in house with a backpack full of exciting memoirs, lived together with the witticism of "one for all............ "

ALPINISMOThe edge of the Veil, the classical climb that to the beginning they almost all want to do.