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Cervinia stung of departure of as our itineraries and ascensions Crossing true southeast the Glacier of it will Come. To sx, the Breithorn, Polluceof tall quota. This, is the time of the Rosa MountainYou notices in the background in shade the steep west slope of the Castore.  . The interesting itinerary realizes the idea to walk a few days in tall quota, crossing out places hand, A moment of rest near the footstep of it will Come, before overcoming the 400m. of the west slope of the Castore climbing tops from slopes, less tourist exploiting the necessary complicity of the beautiful time. This dollied photographic helps you to understand as and where, the run develops him. The crossing, develops him on the slope Italian, the feelings are pleasant, climbed to the Castore by the west slopeserenity and comfort perception of the mountain befriends, with the sweets slant Of the Glacier of it will Come. You abandon the skiing zones of the Small Cervino, little by little the environment it does him more solitary. Wanting the peaks of the Breithorn can be touched, of the Gemini, that in their slope north fall on the level but tormented one Draws final of the slope to the Castore, from the west slope.Gornergletscher,1700 mt. more in low. Crossed the steep slope of the west slope we reach the Castore, that is among the enormous buildings of the Breithorn in peak (to north west) and of the Lyskamm (to east), and therefore the grandiose alpine possibilities to them tie, the Twin pardon naturally of grandeur, although the Cstore overcomes of 60mt. the quota of the Breithorn. From the peak of the Castore 4226 ms. the ghicciaio is seen of it will Come, crossed thin from the Breithorn. Also for the scialpinistis a field of notable possibilities exists, the scialpinistica to the Castore is held "the most beautiful excursion with the skis of the Rosa Mountain." The wind was lowered and, while we were resting there, we realized there of sudden that were departed different times and that the first line of crossing was almost ended, the descent remained to the rif.Quintino Saddle. We begin to to cross the beautiful crest southeast that directly marks the layout of the frontier. On this he raises, besides the top southeast tall 4176mt. another point of over 4000 mt. In this context you/he/she should still come then mentioned the snowy dome near the hill of called Felik Felikhorn. It follows therefore the top north west of 4205mt., and so on the Castore there would be four "4000" from to conquer. You treats however, to eccezzione of the it shears principal, only of domes that interrupt the slant of the mountain.

Complete panorama of the itinerary, seen by the peak of the Matterhorn.


From the Rif. TeoduloThe Cevino vesante east-the rif. Teodulo 3290mt. 3327mt. the Plateau is crossed Rosa, he climbs to the
glacier of it will Come, maintaining the 3800mt. he continues coasting along the tops of the Breithorn, of the Polluce, of the Gemini.
You faces the Castore up to the peak 4226mt. for then to go down to the rif.Quintino Saddle.

Shelter of the Teodulo, 3327m.
Gandegghutte, 3029 ms.
Mountain Rosahutte, 2795 ms.
I shelter Mezzalama 3004m.

Shelter Quintino Sella 3585m.